Curious, Creative, & Cozy in NEPA

 Why 9th House Knits? In astrology, the 9th House is all about life's journey through philosophy, growth, travel and education. 9th House Knits is about what you take on this journey. It's about finding and supporting hobbies and a growth mindset --and feeling comfortable and cozy while you do it! Take a look around the shop and I guarantee that my classic designs and colors will grow with you for years to come.


Hi! I'm Jenn, the founder and creator behind 9th House Knits! From knitting hats and scarves in south FL, to learning tarot and reconnecting with crochet on Long Island, NY, to dying yarn in northeast, PA -- much like the continuing revelation of the 9th House, over time, this small business has grown and expanded in ways I never could have imagined. Since I first opened an Etsy shop in 2012, this business has changed names, changed websites, and my product line has expanded with my skills and interests. I have had the opportunity to participate in winter markets in multiple states, and I've been able to connect with people across the globe on social media

When I'm not working on the shop, you can usually find me exploring a new interest (I love a good hobby!) or local businesses (snacks and shopping, anyone?). I'm devoted to my local coffee shops and neighborhood bars, I love to get lost in a book, and most recently I've enjoyed hiking through nearby trails.

Currently, all of my products are handmade in Northeast PA and shipped to your doorstep anywhere in the continental USA. As an intuitive tarot reader and energy healer (Level III Reiki), I also take time to send you a personalized tarot message and a little extra strength and purpose with each purchase. I hope you enjoy this journey as much as I do!

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