Small Business Weekend, 2020

Small Business Saturday 2020: View a map of small businesses near you

It's here - Holiday Season 2020. Can you believe we've made it this far into such a crazy year?

By now I'm sure you've read the reports of what Covid has done for various businesses. If you haven't, I'll catch you up - Jeff Bezos (Amazon's CEO) gained $24 million dollars over the first four months alone while small businesses continue to close their doors... and of course the quarantine has disproportionately affected Black, Latinx, Asian, Immigrants, and women, but we know how this goes. 

For the holidays this year I'm hoping to buy 80% of my gifts from small businesses to do my part. I'm going to assume that just by being here you are on a similar mission! So here are a few of my favorite small businesses.


  1. 2020 Sucked Ornament 
    All Sevens (Custom ornaments, handmade bracelets, cute signs and more!)
  2. Magic IRL Journal on kickstarter
    The 8th House (A South Jersey shop filled with tarot cards, mugs, and various witchy handmade products and services)
  3. Zodiac Wall Hanging
    - Bearloom Studio (unique weavings and natural dyed yarn)
  4. Dust II Onyx
    Courtney Alexander (art prints and tarot cards)
  5. Custom Pizza Peel
    - Campfire Woodworks (beautiful, handmade wood products and furniture)
  6. 1:1 Reiki Session
    - Mindfully Melissa (Holy Fire Reiki Master and teacher, and medium)
  7. Moira Candle
    - Charmed Tarot (tarot bundles, candles, crystals, and various sacred goodies)
  8. Custom Embroidery
    - Rosie Dosie Embroidery (wall hangings and accessories)
  9. Dog Training
    - Leroy and Company (dog board and training - virtual and in person available)
  10. Tarot Reading
    - Stephanie Guiler Coaching (life coaching and tarot)

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