What is tarot?

3 tarot cards on a handmade tarot mat (death, 10 of cups ex, page of wands)

This is kind of a big question. Many people see tarot differently, so let's explore what tarot is for me:

Tarot has been part of my personal practice since 2018. I had my cards read by a professional in January on a trip to New Orleans and I ended the year with my first deck. Over the last four years, tarot has been instrumental in helping me explore who I am and deepen connections. It has brought me new job opportunities and expanded my knit/crochet offerings. It helped me explore different spiritual practices and introduced me to energy healing.

I'm going to talk more about some details in an upcoming blog series, but before we get there, I want to take a second to explain three very important pieces of my tarot philosophy. 

  • Tarot is not a fortune teller - but it can help you explore yourself and your life.
  • Tarot is not a closed practice - but it is steeped in traditions and historical background.
  • It's an accessible practice to all - everyone has the ability to read the cards.

Seriously! There are many benefits to paying for a card reading by someone else (it can be really hard to read cards for yourself without bias), but I promise that it is possible for you to build your own personal practice. You do not need to wait for someone else to buy you a deck or for a magical class to open up for enrollment (though both of these things sound lovely). The bottom line is that if you've been thinking about picking up a deck, you totally can.

However, it's important for you to know that buying a tarot deck is not going to suddenly change your life. Tarot is based on a personal practice, self-awareness, patience, time, and self work.

Do you practice? Leave a comment and tell me how you got started!

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