9th House Knits Goes Summer!


Though I'm a spring/summer girl at heart,my 9th House Knits collections have primarily lived in the fall and winter. I absolutely love making hats and cold weather accessories, so expanding into warmer weather items just never quite seemed like me. But earlier this spring, I picked up my old crochet hooks and felt the complete opposite feeling! Within a week or two I had boho coasters all over my house and it just made sense to expand the shop in a new way.  

In late May 2020, you'll find a few new items in my shop starting with the Boho Beach Coaster and Tarot Mats (great for a million different decor uses in your home)! But I have other ideas I'm hoping to bring to the table soon as well - maybe even quite literally! *hint hint*

All product updates will be posted on Instagram and then linked to Facebook. Make sure you're following along!





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