Currently Watching: Spring 2020 Edition

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99% of the time that you buy an item from 9th House Knits, you can assume that I made it while binge-watching a TV show or listening to a podcast. It's actually something that I love about knitting - with my hands and my mind busy I feel very productive, even when I'm just making something simple and watching something silly. 

If you follow me on instagram you already know that I list what I'm currently watching in my bio. But now that I have my own website I can keep track of some of my favorites here, too! So without further ado, here's what I've been enjoying lately.

  • Below Deck - A few of my friends suggested I add a little reality TV to my queue and it not disappoint! Dean and I are full of emotion watching this - yelling at the TV screen and rolling our eyes with the characters. A little bit trashy and very much filled with summer lovin', Dean and I mowed down the whole first season in one weekend. (streaming on the NBC app)

  • Little Fires Everywhere - I have had this book on my "to read" list for a while now, so when I first saw it pop up I was actually a little conflicted. Do I watch first or do a read first? In the end, I figure the book is always better regardless of the order so I might as well enjoy the TV show first. I've really enjoyed Reese Witherspoon’s female-focused choices lately and this show hit female complexities right out of the park! I think it actually made me more excited to read the book! (streaming on Hulu)

  • Never Have I Ever - My sister told me about this new Netflix original and I had the whole season finished within the weekend. Partially based on Mindy Kaling's childhood story, the first episode introduces Devi, an Indian American high school student navigating life after the death of her father.   It's smart, witty, and emotional in a way that literally made me both laugh and cry. (streaming on Netflix)

  • Ink Master: Angels- I have no idea what got me started on this show... I think I was up late one night and accidentally fell into one of those facebook videos about a former Ink Master's best work? Anyway, this is the expected tattoo challenge show but with a twist: three former female contestants travel to small cities and set up a competition with local tattoo artists. The final faceoff is one local artist against one of the Ink Master Angels and if the local wins they get to go on Ink Master! It's not something I can watch on repeat for days at a time, but it's amusing and visually stimulating for a quick hour-long project. (streaming on the free Paramount app)

  • Dollface - This was a show I latched onto one day while desperately searching for something that I couldn't explain. That explanation kind of fits this show well. It's a very imaginative, female-driven show, focusing around a newly-single woman trying to reconnect with her female friends. It ended up being just what I needed on a rainy Saturday afternoon of knitting! (streaming on Hulu)

  • Schitt's Creek - I'm not a big re-watcher, but this is a show I could watch a million times in a row! It literally makes me laugh out loud and I just can't get enough. Although, to be honest, I did not love the first season. The characters just take a little while to grow and I found the beginning more annoying than funny. But once the show gets into a groove (late season 1, early season 2), it's seriously unmatched! (streaming on Netflix)


I'm so excited to do these posts more often for you guys. Maybe I'll even keep a running list and then rank them? Only time will tell! What are you currently watching?


xo, Jenn


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