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9HK Blog Intro

In high school I was an avid Live Journal-er.

Then I needed a 4 year break.

In grad school I ran a wordpress blog.

Then I needed a longer break.

As an adult I've started my first-ever journaling practice, writing about my day and exploring my life thoughts through tarot. For years I've assumed that this would be the extent of my writing. (I've never really considered myself a writer, anyway.)

So it shouldn't be a secret that when I started selling via shopify, I never expected to resurrect the blog. Sure I made a few posts here and there... but mostly I wrote down ideas that never came to fruition, and I was totally okay with that! I chat with you all via Instagram every day!

But here's the thing - I don't love the idea of my work living on IG alone (Mark Zuckerberg just doesn't seem like that kinda person that is looking out for me and my work, you know?) I've been itching for a new way to build connections and hold my thoughts.

So here we are!

I'm going to try for a post a week(ish), and you can expect to see lots of different things like:

  • anything yarn related
  • tarot tips and thoughts
  • small business love
  • ethics
  • my typical practices and rituals

...and maybe other random thoughts that deserve a home.


So if you're here, please talk back! Leave a comment. Write me an email. Send a carrier pigeon. Whatever floats your boat! (oh, you could ship a note on a boat!) Let's just do our best to not have this be a one way conversation, okay?

Sending love (not via pigeons) -


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