5 Ways to Use a Tarot Mat (when you're not practicing tarot)

Now that my crochet tarot mats have been out for almost two years, I know I'm not alone in saying that I've accumulated a little collection. While I love being able to reach for different mats to ground my tarot practice, I also like to place them around my house to decorate! Here are five of my favorite ways to use them:
tarot mat under a family photo
  1. Place under a photo to highlight a special memory 
    Let's start easy. This set up was in our bedroom before we moved to PA, but you can include it anywhere. I loved using this mat on my dresser because it was the first thing I saw in the morning and the color reminded me of an angel aura quartz. It had all the right feels for starting my day on a good foot. Right now we actually don't have a simple surface in our bedroom to add this back in (I know, right?), so I have this mat sitting on the nightstand in the guest room with a table lamp, a clock, and a trinket dish to bring a little extra light to our guests.
    Dinner place may - crochet tarot mat
  2. Use them as place settings
    I love that I can choose any color to help set an intention or match a theme. The handmade nature of the mats give a personal touch to your table scape - and really, any of the mats will work, but I do suggest sticking with cotton and/or fringe free to make clean up easier. If you have a certain color or number of mats you're looking for, send me an email to talk custom options and pricing.

    altar details - fringe mini mat
  3. Ground your altar with a specific intention or vibe
    If you have an altar, I would bet that you've spent some time thinking about every detail you included. Special tarot cards, photos, flowers, spells, candles... why would you want to put everything on a mat that highlights your theme and brings all of the energies together? (photo by @jesinic)

    bar cart with fringe tarot mat
  4. Elevate your bar cart with some texture 
    Okay, I don't actually have a bar cart. But I do have some of my alcohol out on a cabinet in my dining room and the fringe perfectly frames the collection!  I love that it feels like a unique touch to something otherwise fairly standard. 

    cats on mats
  5. Share some cozy with a pet
    Trust me when I say that this was not something I ever imagined saying when I first made a mat... but it's totally a thing! Since these mats have been released, pets have been finding ways to get cozy with them. Maybe they feel the energy of each intention, or maybe they just like how soft they are ...either way, it's a pet-pleaser! (photo by @xdefnebaby)

coffee table decor - fringe tarot mat

BONUS!  - Decorate a centerpiece on any table
DUH! I know that saying this is kind of a catch all - it feels like a cheat, and yet, this post doesn't feel complete without it! The truth is that whether you add a mat underneath a flower centerpiece on your dining room table or under a pile of magazines and remotes on the coffeetable, they bring color and comfort to any surface that you are sure to enjoy.


What has been your favorite or most unexpected way to use your crochet tarot mat? 


until next time,

xoxo, Jenn

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  • The few times i posted nice pics on my bookstagram, the mats framed the books so nicely!


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