Tarot Mat x Strength - fringeless

Tarot Mat x Strength - fringeless

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*Limited re-release!*

*This is the the same colors as the full size Strength Tarot Mat, but with a crochet border instead of a fringe. *

A soft, feminine purple.

A bold blue.

A pure, simple white. 

Most people think of the Strength card in tarot and they picture a brute, physical strength. But this card doesn't focus on your physical abilities. It focuses on inner strength and the fact that your personal and emotional strength can take you where you want to go. It's a forward-driven, compassionate, confidence. It's the ability to overcome fears and to trust your gut. It's strength in humanity, in femininity, in forgiveness, and love. If you need a little reminder of how your soul makes you strong - look no further. This mat is for you. <3


Don't practice tarot? Take this mat and add a little intention to any of your favorite places.  I have one sitting under candles in my living room, another framing out photos and remotes on my dresser, and another under plants in my kitchen!


Care Instructions - hand wash and lay flat to dry. Spot clean as needed.


Tarot Cards Pictured - Mundane Magick Tarot

Materials - acrylic blend & cotton yarn *Color and sizing may vary based on the dye lot and the nature of handmade products. Expect slight variances.*